• BHW currently conducts walks on all days of the week.

  • Walks can be organised depending on availability of presenters only.

  • The preferred date of booking should be communicated to BHW atleast 2 weeks in advance.


To make a booking, please send an email to with all of the following information:-

  1. Names of all participants and nationality
  2. Total number of persons in the group
  3. Local Mumbai contact/mobile/hotel number: Please specify your hotel's phone number, in addition to the name of the hotel.
  4. Preferred Route: Kala Ghoda Walk, Horniman Circle Walk or Combo Fort Walk.
  5. Preferred Date/s of Tour/s: Clearly state the day of the week and date i.e. Saturday, 2nd January 2016
  6. Preferred Time of Tour/s
  7. Other information In order that we can make an insightful presentation, we like to know a little bit about our participants i.e. which country they're from, what is their age, profession, interests, are in Mumbai for business/as tourists etc. It would be very nice if you can supply these details.


  • BHW offers morning and evening walks only.

  • MORNING WALKS starting at 8:00/8:30/9:00 am.

  • EVENING WALKS starting at 3:30/4:00/4:30 pm.

  • Please note the afternoon walks are not offered by BHW.

  • Timings are subject to change according to the season.

  • Kindly re-check with BHW Booking Dept at the time of inquiry.


  1. Once we receive your email, BHW will then send a “Confirmation of Booking” after ascertaining availability of presenters.
  2. Please note that our walk are conducted by architects/students of architecture and other professionals in the fields of art, history etc. Hence all tours are subject to availability only.
  3. A Tour is considered to be booked only after a final Confirmation-cum-Bill has been sent by BHW to the party making the booking.
  4. This Confirmation will include the name & contact of the BHW Presenter/s who will conduct the tour for you. Kindly contact her/him to re-confirm your arrival in Mumbai. You may also call the BHW Presenter if you need directions or for any other queries before the start of the walk.
  5. Please download and print the Confirmation and keep with you for reference before the walk.


  1. Undertakings

    Having confirmed a Tour booking, BHW undertakes to provide the following services-

    a. Conduct a Walking Tour, purely on foot according to the route specified in the Confirmation-cum-Bill sent by BHW.

    b. The Walking Tour will be conducted in English by a member of the BHW Team of Presenters.

    c. Provision of receipt/s for all payment/s made.

  2. No responsibility

    In course of conducting a Tour, BHW does not take responsibility for the following –

    a. No provision of any meals, refreshments before, during or after the duration of the Tour.

    b. No provision of umbrellas, hats or any kind of weather-protective gear.

    c. No transportation arrangements (to Start Point orc from End Point) before, during or after the duration of the Tour.

    d. No other travel arrangements including shopping or other site-seeing itineraries, hotel or restaurant bookings etc.

  3. Suggestions for Participants

    a. Participants are urged to wear comfortable walking shoes, carry refreshments and weather-protective gear of their own.

    b. Participants are required to make their independent travel arrangements from their place of stay/hotel/airport to the designated Start Point of the Walking Tour and also their return/onward journey on completion of the Tour.

  4. Arrival Re-confirmation

    a. For pvt. individuals /groups making bookings directly from abroad, over email/phone – On arrival in Mumbai, party making the booking will need to call on the number given and re-confirm arrival and the booking (date, start time & number of persons) for the Walking Tour.

    b. For travel agents making bookings on clients’ behalf – When the respective clients arrive in Mumbai, clients or travel agent representative will need to call on the number given to re-confirm the arrival and the booking (date, start time & number of persons) for the Walking Tour.

  5. Booking Advance Amounts

    a. Booking Advance (minimum 50% of total or more, as decided by BHW organizer) must be paid at least 4 days before the date of the Tour.

    b. Booking Advance amount will be refunded in full, if the Tour is not conducted due to unforeseen circumstances like inclement weather or other natural or manmade calamities.

    c. Booking Advance amount will be refunded in full, if the Tour is not conducted due to unanticipated injuries/illnesses/incapacities of assigned presenters (in case a replacement presenter is not available).

    d. Booking Advance amount will not be refunded in case of any cancellation due to other reasons on the part of party making the booking.

  6. Balance Amounts

    All balance amounts must be paid on the date of the Tour, before the start of the Tour.

  7. Tour Cancellation

    a. BHW retains the right to cancel the booking on account of unforeseen circumstances like inclement weather or other natural or manmade calamities. The party making the booking will be informed as early as possible about the cancellation.

    b. If the party making the booking wishes to cancel for reasons other than those listed above, then they are requested to inform BHW at least 1 day in advance of the date of the Tour booking.

  8. Unexpected Delays to the Start of Tour

    a. If the party making the booking (including all groups and individuals) is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and unable to reach the Start Point of their Tour at the pre-decided time, it is their responsibility to call and inform the BHW organizer and/or Presenter of the same.

    b. If the start of the Tour is delayed by the party making the booking, then BHW Presenter/s reserve the right to cancel (if delay is over 30 minutes) / shorten / alter the Tour route.

    c. In case of complete cancellation, any Booking Advances will be forfeited.

  9. Number of Tours per day

    Only one private heritage Tour (including a single route) per day for a single group is offered by BHW.

  10. Changes in Tour Routes

    a. Requests from the party making the bookings, for any changes in routes, duration, mode of transport or any other deviation from regular routes (as specified by BHW organizer at the time of enquiry), will be carried out only at the discretion of BHW organizer.

    b. Such requests must be made to the BHW organizer at the time of making the booking only; last-minute requests for any changes in routes cannot be entertained.

    c. Extra charges for any deviation from regular routes will be levied as per discretion of BHW organizer.

  11. Provision of extra BHW Presenter/s

    a. If the booking is for a group of more than 20 persons, then extra presenters will be provided as per the discretion of BHW organizer and the party making the bookings.

    b. In this case, if more BHW Presenters are made available and less than 20 persons actually attend the Tour, then a flat extra charge of Rupees One Thousand (INR 1,000.00) over & above the regular BHW Rates will be levied.

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